About us


Digital Skills Academy

A specialized academic scientific institution that provides distinguished and qualitative technical education, focusing on building digital skills and developing administrative capabilities, focusing on the higher social values of individuals and institutions, by providing an educational environment that stimulates creativity and supports development and innovation, and keeps pace with modern trends, to build distinguished professional cadres capable of producing knowledge and community development.


  • Provide quality programs that include all digital skills within the different branches of technology.
  • Provide specialized consulting services to individuals and entities in the field of information technology.
  • Preparation of distinguished professional cadres equipped with knowledge, armed with skill and adorned with morals.
  • Support individuals and organizations to re-plan their qualifications and human resources to be competitive in the digital age.
  • Provide an educational environment that stimulates creativity, supports development and innovation, and keeps pace with modern trends.
  • Providing the labor market with digital professionals.


Building an individual who is able to compete, excel and advance in the business world, familiar with all the digital knowledge, tools and techniques that turn him into a useful user in the digital world, a professional for one of the digital disciplines that helps him to compete in the labor market, is able to live within the sixth generation revolution of communications, and is ready to deal with developments Coming with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and what its industrial intelligence replaces.


  • The No. 1 Technical Education Academy in Turkey
  • Turkey's No. 1 Smart Learning Academy
  • Turkey's No. 1 Digital Skills Academy


  • Quality and Excellence
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Cooperation, Partnership, Teamwork
  • Focus on digital scientific skill provided with certificate